If you want to learn to speak French, Spanish, or Italian in an easy-going, interactive group-setting, you’ve come to the right place. The Language Salons are one-of-a-kind. No other program has such a deep understanding of the way that every age, and every type of learner, becomes conversant in a new language. The Language Salons are New York City’s “new” language center with a 40-year track record.

Can I learn to speak a foreign language easily? “Of course!” say the teachers at The Language Salons. Our students develop an intuitive understanding of their new language in a friendly, small-class setting. Whether you’re brand new to the language, or you’re ready to hop into intermediate or advanced, the Language Salons have a class for you.

Our History

The Language Salons are the brainchild of Director François Thibaut, who’s been a foreign language teacher since the late 1960’s. Thibaut’s best known for founding the renowned Language Workshop for Children and the Cercle Franco Americain French of Adults program in 1973. Over the years Thibaut’s taught all ages, from toddlers, to young children, high schoolers, college level students, and adults. His respected Thibaut Technique is perfected and time-tested.

Our Materials

The Language Salon produces its own classroom Workbook/CD set. Best of all, it’s included in the cost of tuition. Like its curriculum, Language Salon materials are designed and produced by Francois Thibaut, so they’re professional, effective, and are based upon modern, useful conversational topics.

Our Guarantee

If, after attending all two hours of every class, and all twenty hours of a full session, you’re not satisfied with your progress, we welcome you to repeat the same program – at no charge.

Start your journey toward mastering French, Spanish, or Italian at The Language Salons.