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Can I really learn French easily? “Mais oui!” say the teachers of the French Language Salon™. Our easy-to-learn curriculum is designed for busy lifestyles. The French Salon is the exciting “new” French language program with a 40-year track record. French Language Salon students develop an intuitive understanding of French in friendly, small-class settings. Whether you’re new to the language, need a refresher, or are advanced, the French Salon has a level for you.

Director François Thibaut has been teaching French to all ages since the 1960’s. He’s best known for founding the renowned Language Workshop for Children and the Cercle Franco Americain French for Adults program in 1973.

Students thrive when they’re comfortable, are placed at the right level, and get personal attention. That’s why French Salon classes are small and interactive. Our curriculum blends Thibaut’s work with children with his time-tested method for helping students become truly conversant. There are no tests and no pressure. We trust that you’re here to learn.

The French Language Salon is one-of-a-kind. No other language program has such a deep understanding of how every age learns to speak and understand language. You're never pressured, and we care about your progress.

Start your journey toward mastering this beautiful language at
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Guarantee - If, after attending the full 2 hours of every class in a 10-week adult session, you're not satisfied with your progress, you may repeat the full 10-weeks (of the same level) free of charge. This does not apply to the advanced level.

Learn French Easily in New York

The atmosphere at the Cercle Franco-Americain is relaxed and friendly. There is just enough structure in their teaching methods to guide your learning. You find yourself progressing and growing more confident naturally because you are involved and having fun while you learn.